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Dr. Vincent Thomas is a PharmD, microbiologist by training. He has held several positions in the public and private sectors during which he explored various fields of applied and environmental microbiology. His interests ranged from interactions between Free-Living Amoebae with bacteria and viruses to infection control and metagenomics for gut microbiota analysis.
He is now working at the Technological Research Institute Bioaster where he is in charge of defining the strategy and conducting R&D programs in the field of Microbiome.


Selected publications:

  • Thomas V, Clark J, Dore J. 2015. Fecal microbiota analysis: an overview of sample collection methods and sequencing strategies. Future Microbiol 10:1485-1504.

  • Wheat WH, Casali AL, Thomas V, Spencer JS, Lahiri R, McDonnell G, Juarrero MG, Brennan PJ, Jackson M. 2014. Long-term survival and virulence of Mycobacterium leprae in amoebal cysts. PLoS Negl Trop Dis 8:e3405.

  • Ovrutsky AR, Chan ED, Kartalija M, Bai X, Jackson M, Gibbs S, Falkinham JO, Iseman MD, Reynolds PR, McDonnell G, Thomas V. 2013. Co-occurrence of free-living amoebae and non-tuberculous mycobacteria in hospital water networks, and preferential growth of Mycobacterium avium in Acanthamoeba lenticulata. Appl Environ Microbiol 79:3185-3192.

  • Coulon C, Eterpi M, Greub G, Collignon A, McDonnell G, Thomas V. 2012. Amoebal host-range, host-free survival and disinfection susceptibility of environmental Chlamydiae as compared to Chlamydia trachomatis. FEMS Immunol Med Microbiol 64:364-373.

Supervised Projects:

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