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The main goal of the FunHoMic project is to train 13 innovative, entrepreneurial and creative ESRs through our interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral research programme, which is based on our working hypothesis that susceptibility to fungal infections can be strongly influenced by the Fungal-Host-Microbiota interplay.

This goal will be achieved through specific scientific objectives:

  • Establish new bioinformatic, organ-on-chip and gut simulation approaches to enhance the existing toolkit used to dissect the fungal-host-microbiota interplay during commensalism and pathogenicity (Work Package 1).

  • Understand how C. albicans genetic variability impacts the fungal cell surface and metabolic adaptation to host niches and how this correlates with infectivity (Work Package 2).

  • Explore how simultaneous variations of the host and microbiota influence C. albicans genetics and virulence to identify biomarkers of infection outcome (Work Package 3).

  • Investigate and exploit the mechanisms by which specific bacteria in the microbiota, including novel LBP candidates, impact C. albicans infectivity (Work Package 4).

The research structure of FunHoMic: Research Work Packages (WP 1-4) plus integrated Work Packages for Training (WP5), Exploitation and Dissemination (WP6) and Management (WP7)

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