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Adaptation of Candida albicans to variations in the host and microbiota

My name is Ricardo and I am from Portugal. I graduated in Molecular and Cellular Biology at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, where I could enhance my passion for science more specifically in pathogens and immunology.

For that reason, I decided to enroll in the Biomedical Research – infection and immunity master’s degree. In 2017, I successfully defended my master’s thesis about immune mechanisms conferring protection against the intracellular parasite Neospora caninum developed at the i3S institute in Porto.

By the end of my master’s defence, I was offered a position to stay in the lab, allowing me to work with other pathogens and to evolve as a scientist. Moreover this opportunity made it clear to me that I really love laboratory work, science and teaching. Therefore, I applied for a PhD program and since September 2019, I am doing my PhD in Microbiology and Immunology in the Salomé LeidbundGut Group.

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