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Dr. Christophe d’Enfert is a Professor at Institut Pasteur, Paris, France where he is the Head of the Fungal Biology and Pathogenicity Unit. Dr. d’Enfert gained his PhD at Institut Pasteur working on protein secretion in Gram-negative bacteria. During his post-doctoral training at the University of California at Berkeley, he studied protein secretion in yeast. Since 1992, he joined Institut Pasteur to study human pathogenic fungi and has developed both fundamental and applied research on two major fungal pathogens, Candida albicans and Aspergillus fumigatus. Current research in his laboratory focuses on the development of tools for functional genomics of C. albicans and the study of C. albicans genome dynamics and diversity, biofilm formation and morphogenesis.

Dr. Christophe d’Enfert is also the Vice President for Technology and Scientific Programs at Institut Pasteur.


Selected publications:

  • Ropars, J., Maufrais, C., Diogo, D., Marcet-Houben, M., Perin, A., Sertour, N., Mosca, K., Permal, E., Laval, G., Bouchier, C., Ma, L., Schwartz, K., Voelz, K., May, R.C., Poulain, J., Battail, C., Wincker, P., Borman, A.M., Chowdhary, A., Fan, S., Kim, S.H., Le Pape, P., Romeo, O., Shin, J.H., Gabaldon, T., Sherlock, G., Bougnoux, M.E., and d'Enfert, C. (2018) Gene flow contributes to diversification of the major fungal pathogen Candida albicans. Nat Commun 9, 2253.

  • Legrand, M., Bachellier-Bassi, S., Lee, K.K., Chaudhari, Y., Tournu, H., Arbogast, L., Boyer, H., Chauvel, M., Cabral, V., Maufrais, C., Nesseir, A., Maslanka, I., Permal, E., Rossignol, T., Walker, L.A., Zeidler, U., Znaidi, S., Schoeters, F., Majgier, C., Julien, R.A., Ma, L., Tichit, M., Bouchier, C., van Dijck, P., Munro, C.A., and d’Enfert, C. (2018) Generating genomic platforms to study Candida albicans pathogenesis. Nucleic Acids Res 46, 6935-6949.

  • Znaidi, S., van Wijlick, L., Hernandez-Cervantes, A., Sertour, N., Desseyn, J.L., Vincent, F., Atanassova, R., Gouyer, V., Munro, C.A., Bachellier-Bassi, S., Dalle, F., Jouault, T., Bougnoux, M.E. and d’Enfert, C. (2018) Systematic Gene Overexpression in Candida albicans identifies a Regulator of Early Adaptation to the Mammalian Gut. Cell Microbiol 20, e12890.

Supervised Projects:

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