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University of Aberdeen

Founded in 1495, Aberdeen is Scotland’s third oldest University and the fifth oldest in the UK. Consistently ranked within the world top 200, Aberdeen is the ‘global University of the north’.
The Gut Health Group (GHG) and the Aberdeen Fungal Group (AFG) are located next to each other in the Rowett Institute and Institute of Medical Sciences respectively. The GHG is a prominent centre for anaerobic microbiology, possessing a strain bank of hundreds of human gut bacteria, and is renowned internationally for their work on gut microbes, diet and human health. The AFG is internationally renowned for its work on fungal pathogenicity, cell wall structure, antifungal drugs, environmental adaptation, genomics, fungal immunology & systems biology.

University of Aberdeen

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University of Aberdeen
King's College,
AB24 3FX
The United Kingdom


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