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Hans Knoll Institute

The Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology – Hans Knöll Institute – was founded in 1992 and has been a member of the Leibniz-Association since 2003.
The scientists at the HKI carry out research into natural products from micro-organisms and into the infection biology of pathogenic fungi. Novel discoveries of natural products are investigated for their biological activity and modified purposefully for possible drug applications. In this context, the institute has been maintaining a rich tradition in Jena bringing in cutting-edge approaches to solutions and research methods beyond that.
The Microbial Pathogenicity Mechanisms (MPM) Department and Microbial Immunology (MI) Research Group are internationally renowned for their research into fungal infection biology and fungal immunology.

Hans Knoll Institute

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Beutenbergstraße 11a
07745 Jena


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