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Biose is a French company dedicated to the development and commercialization of Live Biotherapeutic Products for human health. biose has developed 2 well-known LBP: Bacilor® (drug product) for a gastrointestinal application and Gynophilus® (medical device) for a vaginal application.
biose R&D team is composed of ~10 persons. The laboratory is well equipped to produce (fermenter/freeze-dryer with different capacities) and characterize the LBM/LBP during the development steps (microbial and phenotypical characterization, genetic identification, stability and viability tests). Moreover, biose conducts clinical trials to validate product efficacy in humans, for registration according to the current regulations. biose also has access to industrial platforms with biose industrie.


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24 Avenue Georges Pompidou,
15000 Aurillac


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