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BIOASTER is a non-for-profit technological research institute dedicated to applied microbiology and infectious diseases created in 2012 by the French Government. BIOASTER conducts innovative collaborative research, co-funded by private partners and public funding, in the four major application fields of microbiology including human and veterinary infectious diseases: vaccines, antimicrobials, diagnosis and microbiota.
The Metabolomics & Proteomics Technology Unit activity focuses on the identification of biomarkers and the functional characterization of metabolic pathways, applied to Research & Development of antimicrobials, vaccines, diagnostic tests or probiotics. The activity is based on approaches such as metabolic profiling, fingerprinting, fluxomics, quantitative metabolomics and MS Imaging. The unit includes expertise covering all the value chain of metabolomics and proteomics, from automated sample preparation to data analysis and interpretation, including the development of innovative technologies and new analytical approaches. It relies on a multidisciplinary team of 9 persons and high level technologies as well as data management and analyses capabilities.


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40 avenue Tony Garnier
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