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My part in the network is to study vaginal Candida infections by looking at the interaction between C. albicans, vaginal cells and bacterial microbiota. We will design a model that mimics vaginal infections so that we can study Candida when it is a harmless inhabitant of our bodies, but also when it becomes pathogenic. We will then understand what leads to C. albicans causing infection and how members of our microbiota can prevent Candida from doing so. The knowledge gained will help us to prevent and treat vaginal Candida infections.

My deel in die netwerk is om vaginale Candida infeksies te bestudeer deur na die interaksie tussen C. albicans, vaginale selle en bakteriële mikrobiota te kyk. Ons gaan ʼn model ontwerp wat vaginale infeksies namaak, sodat ons Candida kan bestudeer wanneer dit ʼn onskadelike inwoner van ons liggame is, maar ook wanneer dit patogenies word. Ons sal dan kan verstaan hoe C. albicans infeksie veroorsaak en hoe ons mikrobiota dit kan verhoed. Dié kennis sal help om vaginale Candida infeksies te voorkom en te behandel.