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  • To assess the extent of C. albicans gastrointestinal colonization in 1000 healthy individuals of the Milieu Intérieur cohort by using qPCR on DNA from fecal samples
  • To characterize the mycobiota of these individuals (grouped according to sex, age) with low or high level of C. albicans colonization and subsequently search for significant correlation between the extent of Candida gastrointestinal colonization and the immune and microbiota status
  • To select, based on these correlations, bacterial and fungal species and evaluate them for anti-Candida activity in C.albicans ex vivo and in vivo gastrointestinal colonization model

Expected Results:

  • Correlates of C. albicans gut colonization at the genetic, immune and microbiota level
  • The identification and evaluation of candidate LBMs for the prevention of C. albicans gut colonization

Marie-Elisabeth Bougnoux





Project Description