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  • To evaluate selected clade 13 isolates, specific for the genital niche, and isolates of the major C. albicans clades in ex vivo and in vivo models of colonization and superficial and disseminated infection
  • To evaluate the contribution of identified clade 13-specific non-sense mutations to niche specificity. Strains will be engineered using the CRISPR-cas9 methodology and the impact of the changes on niche specificity will be evaluated using ex vivo and in vivo models of infection

Expected Results:

  • A thorough evaluation of niche specificity of C. albicans clade 13 and other clades isolates
  • The first identification of molecular determinants of niche specificity in C. albicans
  • The identification of targets to limit colonization of specific niches by C. albicans

Christophe d'Enfert





Project Description