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  • To define the molecular mechanisms by which specific anaerobic bacteria from healthy individuals inhibit Candida colonization of their GI tract. The impact of these target LBPs on C. albicans will be assayed by transcriptomics and C.albicans mutant screens.
  • To test whether these LBPs affect host immunity, and reduce the likelihood of systemic infection or vaginitis by C. albicans and other pathogenic Candida species. The LBPs will be tested in ex vivo models of Candida-phagocyte interaction and in well-defined colon- and vaginal-simulating systems 

Expected Results:

  • Definition of modes-of-action by LBPs inhibit Candida colonisation of the gut and vagina
  • Proof-of-principle studies revealing the utility of LBPs in reducing life-threatening infections.


Alan Walker





Project Description