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Alistair J P Brown

Alistair J P Brown is a Professor in Microbiology and the Co-Director of MRC Centre for Medical Mycology at the University of Aberdeen, UK.

Research Interests:

Al Brown’s team combines genomics, proteomics, molecular and cell biology and modelling to study the adaption of the fungal pathogen, Candida albicans, to dynamic and complex niches during host colonisation and infection.  Most recently, he has been studying how this major fungal pathogen exploits host signals to trigger anticipatory responses that promote fitness in vivo via proactive immune evasion strategies which protect against impending attack from our immune defences. 

Selected publications:

  • Brown, A.J.P., Brown, G.D., Netea, M.G. and Gow, N.A.R. (2014) Metabolism impacts Candida immunogenicity and pathogenicity at multiple levels. Trends in Microbiology 22, 614-622.
  • Ene, I.V., Walker, L.A., Schiavone , M., Lee, K.K., Martin-Yken, H., Dague, E., Gow, N.A.R., Munro, C.A. and Brown, A.J.P. (2015) Cell wall remodelling enzymes modulate fungal cell wall elasticity and osmotic stress resistance. mBio 6, e00986-15.
  • Childers, D.S., Raziunaite, I., Mol Avelar, G., Potrykus, J., Budge, S., Stead, D., Gow, N.A.R, Lenardon, M., Ballou, E.R., MacCallum, D.M. and Brown, A.J.P. (2016) The rewiring of metabolic ubiquitination targets in a pathogenic yeast promotes metabolic flexibility, host colonization and virulence. PLoS Pathogens 12, e1005566.
  • Ballou, E.R., Avelar, G.M., Childers, D.S., Mackie, J., Bain, J.M., Wagener, J., Kastora, S.L., Panea, M.D., Hardison, S.E., Walker, L.A., Erwig, L.P., Munro, C.A., Gow, N.A.R., Brown, G.D., MacCallum, D.M. and Brown, A.J.P. (2016) Lactate signalling regulates fungal β-glucan masking and immune evasion. Nature Microbiology 2, 16238.


MRC, Centre for Medical Mycology