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  • To determine how C. albicans adapts in a host with a genetic defect in a specific immune pathway (e.g. IL-17 knockout mice) or in a dysbiotic host (antibiotically-treated mice). 
  • To identify transcriptomic changes in C. albicans at the host mucosal interface.
  • To assess whether C. albicans strains re-isolated from the hosts with variation in the immune system or in the microbiota and that have undergone genomic changes, adopt altered phenotypes (to be examined in in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo models).

Expected Results:

  • Identify host and microbial factors that drive C. albicans within-host adaptation 
  • Identify fungal determinants of pathogenicity that regulate the balance between commensalism and disease
  • Identify factors that have the potential to promote C. albicans diversity within the host



Salomé Leibudgut-Landmann